The Council on Nursing and Anthropology (CONAA) is interested in recruiting new members who share their enthusiasm about issues linking anthropology, nursing and other issues related to health and health care. Membership is open to nurses, non-nurses, anthropologists, non-anthropologists, and to anyone who is interested in the ways anthropology, nursing, health and health care intersect. 

To facilitate a dialogue on topics of interest to CONAA, we sponsor sessions at the annual meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA). 

Topics of interest among CONAA members include class, race, racism, gender, immigration, vulnerable populations, disease-specific cultural understandings of health, risk, and healing, and health care access and acceptability. 

Although CONAA members' research interests vary widely, they share a common interest in educating nurses and other health care providers to understand and incorporate anthropological knowledge, theory and skills into health and health care. 

To join CONAA, please click here to submit your dues by credit card, or click here to print and send a paper application.

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