ARTICLE I. Name of the Organization

  • The name of this organization shall be the Council on Nursing and Anthropology, also known as CONAA.

ARTICLE II. Purposes and Objectives

  • The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a forum for the discussion of issues in nursing and anthropology, to share research and theory that interrelate the two fields, and to serve as peer reviewers for the members.
  • The objectives of this organization shall be to:
      • Increase interactions of persons involved in nursing and anthropology.
      • Provide a vehicle for formal and informal consultation with colleagues on nursing and anthropology.
      • Increase the visibility of nurse anthropologists.
      • Encourage implementation of anthropology in nursing.
      • Explore the contribution of nursing to anthropology.
      • Share information on teaching anthropological content in nursing.

ARTICLE III. Membership

  • Membership shall be open to anyone interested in nursing and anthropology by paying annual dues as set by the Council.

ARTICLE IV. Meetings

  • CONAA shall hold meetings at the annual meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

ARTICLE V. Officers

  • There shall be a president, president-elect, secretary, and treasurer elected for two year terms, the secretary to be elected one year and the president-elect and treasurer elected on the subsequent year.

ARTICLE VI. Fiscal Year

  • The fiscal year shall be from the annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology to the next annual meeting. Any individual paying dues between these two periods is paying dues for that period.

ARTICLE VII. Nominating Committee

  • A nominating committee of three persons shall be appointed at every SfAA meeting from volunteers from the three major geographic regions: east of the Mississippi, west of the Rockies, and the middle states. The committee will serve for a one-year term in which its duties will be to prepare a slate of officer(s) for that year, solicit acceptances to serve, prepare and mail the ballot, and distribute the findings.
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